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Buying The Perfect Bike Lock For Your Bicycle

Every year, bicycles all over the world get stolen. With the growing trend of bikes, the cases of their theft have also increased. This is the reason why it is necessary to own a good bike lock in order for you to secure your bicycles everywhere you go.

Although you must also keep in mind that simply buying the first bike lock you see is not recommended if you want the best security for your bicycle. You must first keep in mind that bike locks which are unbreakable do not exist No matter the type of lock you buy, with the correct tools and techniques, it can be broken. The good thing about good quality locks though is that it makes the thieves rethink about stealing your bike as it would be a big risk.

The quality of the lock solely depends on how much you invested on it. You will have a higher chance of securing your bike if you invest a lot on your bike locks. It may cost you but it will save you from losing something much more expensive.

U-locks, chain locks, cable locks, seat or wheel skewers and a lot more are available on the market. In order to understand how each lock works and to know which lock suites your need the best, we will be discussing them individually.


From the name itself, the U-lock is shaped as a U. One of the most popularly designed locks, the U-lock offers the greatest security for bicycles. The advantage it has over other locks is that it provides security from thieves who use hard tools like hammers and chisels. You should consider buying a U-lock that has a small ‘U’. The goal of the U-lock is to avoid providing leverage from any tools that can be inserted into the horseshoe shaped lock. You can choose from different sizes but choose the one that is small enough for your bike to ensure your bikes security.

Cable locks are also a good type of bike lock. What is great about this lock is that it is quite adaptable but it does offer less security compared to the U-locks. If you live in an area that has a low to moderate crime rate and is looking to save money, the cable lock is your best option. What is also great about the cable locks and U-locks is that they can be combined to strengthen the security of your bike.

Chain locks are similar to cable locks. Size and toughness is the key to having a good quality chain lock. This type of bike lock is built in a special chain design. But keep in mind that the lock should be as strong as the chains itself. A disadvantage of the chain lock is that it is heavy and is very difficult to carry around.

Finally we have the seat and wheel skewers. Compared to the chain locks, these are ideal when you go out as they are very light and easy to carry around. But the disadvantage this lock has over the others is that it can be easily broken. But to break it open, you will have to use a special type of tool.

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