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Tips on How a Septic Tank Can Be Preserved

A septic tank is a great necessity for every household where the community does not have a central waste treatment facilities. The septic tank is a structure which ensures that wastewater get inside. It Is very easy to ensure there is proper working of the sewer.

You need to ensure that your septic tank is properly maintained to guarantee its safety. There should not be any leaks in the sewage treatment plant. In this article insights are provided on how to ensure that proper care is taken.

The owner should take steps to guard against physical deterioration of the tank. uproot any trees that are located next to the septic tank. The reason of uprooting trees is to ensure that the roots do not press the walls of the tank hence making it crack. You should also not drive a heavy machinery over the tank. Having a structure at the top of the septic tank can interfere with its proper maintenance.

The septic tank should not be turned into a garbage pit. You should also be careful on the things that you put into the septic tank. There are solid elements which cannot be broken down by natural bacteria. This can clog the septic tank in a very minimal time which can lead to bigger challenges. You should have a machine that breaks down food particles before they enter the septic tank. This is the bacteria which break down organic waste. The treatment ensures that the waste do not become a health hazard to the environment. You should never hinder the proper working of the bacteria by introducing materials that make their work hard. Place waste food having a lot of fats in the dustbin. Grease usually affects the ability of soil to absorb the waste.

Do not include heavy duty cleaning agents. This is because they destroy the microorganisms which break down waste. Do no put harmful chemicals in the septic tank as it will pollute the environment.

Do not overload the septic tank with water. Ensure you regulate the amount of water used during a shower. The water dispensed when flushing the bathroom should be minimal. Rainwater should not be allowed into the drain field. Water should be prevented from getting into the septic tank by constructing a proper drainage.

Ensure that the pipes taking wastewater into the septic tank are in excellent condition.

Hire a professional to look into layers of scum in your septic tank. Do not do it by yourself if you are not trained to do it as it may have very bad repercussions. The inspector has a tool they insert into the tank. He will also do the visual check. Appropriate advice is given on when the sewage should be pumped.

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