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Car Corner: Important Things to Check When Buying a Used Car

What are the important things you have to check when buying a used car or second-hand car? Used cars are also called as pre-loved vehicles or pre-owned second-hand cars, and there are a lot of benefits over buying a new car, most especially on the cost. You need to be patient, hardworking, and smart when finding a good quality used car. When it comes to used car hunt, you have to use careful research and great observation skills. When searching online, you can check websites such as car forums and vehicle reviews online so that you can select the car model with established good reputation and reliability. If you already have a preferred model, it pays off noting any known issues such as weaknesses and trouble spots, and check on the used car’s current resale value.

Inspection of a used car is very important, always ask an expert and experienced mechanic to go with you when you perform a used car inspection. Always perform the used car inspection in a broad daylight, and on a dry day, and it should not have been driven for at least an hour before performing the inspection. The exterior portion of the used car should be checked including the body form, glass, lights and lenses, tires and exhaust system. When it comes to the exterior, inspect the body form for the materials used for car painting, dents, scratches, rust and corrosion, paint condition on each body panel, and roughness along the panel edges.

When checking the glass, check it for tiny nicks and chips, cracks, dented areas, and the windshield. Watch out for suspension problems such as the used car moving up and down, so check the suspension while the car is at a standing level making sure that the car only do a single rebound. Always check for cracked lenses and reflectors, and ask a friend to confirm that the lights are working properly. All tires must match and always check for severe wear on the drive wheels, indicating that the driver did not rotate the wheels regularly. As you run your fingers inside the exhaust system, an indication of a problem is a film of greasy grime.

Checking the interior is very important which includes the used car’s smell, seats, pedals, controls, instrumentation, sound system, roof, trunk, under the wood, engine fluids, and radiator. A moldy smell inside the used car is an indication of water leakage, so it is best to look for wet spots. Do you need help in finding the right used car for your needs and lifestyle? Allow Car Corner to help you, feel free to check our homepage or website now.

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